Umpire’s decision overturned, Rohit claps


Sri Lanka tour India 2017, first T20 International is being played at Barabati Stadium, Cuttack. India going well despite losing early wickets. In 7th over, Mathews came to bowl.

Unlike Dhoni who keeps himself calm in every situation, Not all captains have ability to keep their emotions private. When both Dhoni and Rohit were in the dugout, Dhoni didn’t show any emotions but Rohit goes happy and claps hard. The incident happened when the ball got hit Rahul’s knee. Sri Lankan players appealed for LBW, the on-field umpire gave out to Rahul. While Rahul was pretty sure that ball is missing the stumps.

Rahul Immediately Reviewed decision and replay shown. Delivery was fair, all was hitting on the knee. but replays show that ball was missing leg stump and going above the stump as well. As a result, the umpire has to overturn the decision an gave Rahul a not out.

As soon as the decision was changed the camera focused on the dugout. Dhoni and Rohit were sitting together and waiting for the decision. MS Dhoni who is former Indian Skipper was calm and cool as always but Rohit was not the same. Dhoni calmly took his helmet off. Rohit was Clapping enthusiastically. Rohit’s Expression was very precious.

Rohit Sharma Clapping
Rohit Sharma Clapping

Here is the clip of that video: