Video: Why is MS Dhoni called the best finisher in world ?


There could be many metrics and attributes which can define the worlds best finisher. Despite all those measures Dhoni in my point of view is one of the best Captain and best finisher in the world. Here is why I think so-

Talking about skills that needed to be the best finisher there is more in MS Dhoni. But, what makes him different from others is his ability to remain there for Team when Team needs him the most. There was time before MS Dhoni’s Entry in Cricket. All Indians used to lose hope as soon as Sachin Tendulkar gets out and Switch their Televisions off. But, you can find the same now for Mahi.

His self-belief quality that makes he can take his team to the victory. If Mahi plays until the end he makes sure the team will win. Not only this but when the game is in a situation where both the team can win. He can change the game in his favor by his captaincy and ability to handle the pressure better than anyone else. He has shown this many times last over when there is a critical situation. In last over 15 runs needed then, the pressure is on the bowler and not on MS Dhoni.

He had the average over 80 at batting position no.3 and 4. But he sacrificed his position when he became young captain for players like Virat and Raina. This is what made him best leader in the world. Later he molded his batting style to play on number 5 and 6, which is not at all easy. No matter how many critics and haters he has. But, even his haters don’t switch TV off until Dhoni gets out! That’s the belief and confidence of peoples on him which he has earned by playing for India through many years.

Here is one clip of India vs Australia match. This and many of such performances clearly prooves Why MS Dhoni is called best Finisher in the world.

Why MS Dhoni is called Best Finisher in the world: